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 IBornStudio is an organization devoted to eradicating poverty, save lives, and improve the quality of life in every NYC community and schools it serves it programs. We’ll address the needs of all its students through an expedited Site Safety Training program, Hands on Technology and film/Television development education. 


Another one of our favorite Middle School Students Actors in session.

Grow in films at IBornStudio

Peer Pressure Film

Check out this great video


IBornStudio short film

Kitchen Store

We take your story, give you the opportunity to shine and show the world you're a natural mystic.



Documentary Film

Check out this great video that made Semi Finalist in the UK & Finalist in the US,

It has now been redone to 13 minutes with voice over, the island history, government official interviews and much more, getting it ready for new film festivals.

Program coverage for youths, our audience and the unemployed


We Create a Winning Path For Growth

 We work across many video genres. Whether you are creating a trade-show video, a short film, a feature or a documentary, we can provide script-to-screen solutions with a top-of-the-line professional look and sound 


Time laps film


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A unique support based group for the few who needs it the most.

We'll help with content, member support, Facebook engagement and the next step forward.