Youths In Action

This month of March IBornStudio Youth Organizationk is signing up all innterested youths to take part in auditions at All Stars Talent Show Network in Manhattan on 42 Street. Ages are between 5 to 25. 

We're looking for college seniors and graduants to take part in a competitive Activists for Social Development Fellowship, which takes place this summer from June 4 - July 27, 2018.youths in the month of March to get in to take part theater.


I received a welcoming invitation from Daren,who personally asked me through an email, to be featured on the Problogger Podcast, what an honor, I humbly accept with much gratitude.
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IBornStudio  Youth Organization join hands with Aweber.
IBornStudio has join hands with Sumo
There are faces missing here, lets get in now!

IBORNSTUDIO YOUTH ORGANIZATION has joined hands with a pristigeous Production Theater All Arts Project in Manhattan on 42 St, to help them reach out to children and young adults from the community of Harlem, We pound the pavement to get young people for the upcoming auditions.k close; If you looked closely, you'll see me in the back line signaling one for all. I'm about to continue the support this Saturday March the 17, 2018.

We're also looking college seniors and gruaduants for competitive Activists for Social Development Fellowship, which takes place this summer from June 4 - July 27, 2018. The Fellowship is a program for 10 recent college graduates with an interest in non-profit management, youth development, and impacting poverty.


Saves the Youths
& hand the Jobless a lifeline.

IBornStudio Charitable Youth Organization

Mission Statement

IBornStudio Youth Organization will develop a framwork that demonstrate students courage by their action, in an advanced education, unemployed youths, younger children and older adults in Film-Making, TV Pilots, Acting, and other minor skills to meet the needs of professionally working employees, in the communities of NYC and beyond. IBornStudio will operate as a venue for growth, peace and tranquility, for all creative candidates that are disciplined, and follows the rules of good behavior, with a New Attitude conviction, that seemed certain, internally.

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This is powerful, effectual and it touches my soul as a father. Those are the troubles of a youth is distress, I mean the pain and suffering of Camilla and the rest of her family is real.
A young 18 years old girl and father's dilemma, we'll do everything in our power to change that situation path and erect an establishment for change.
IBornStudio Charitable Organization
P. O. Box 250179, Brooklyn, NY 11225
Contact: 646-319-6511
Thank you to these generous sponsors:
East 81st Street homeowner.
Yi Jung Market.
A new attitude for the youths of NYC needs to be implemented, to allow everyone a chance to rehabilitate in their own environment. Moreover, IBornStudio will enable this generation to have a better life, when they walk through our doors. Rather than having them institutionalized and return to a broken community, that forces them to become a number or a repeat offenders, IBornStudio Youth Organization will be there to save our youths from being tramatized.
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